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A large number of whales frequent the waters here, although there are only three different species that can be truly called arctic whales. The ghostly white beluga, the single-tusked narwhal and the giant Bowhead whale. Killer whales (orcas) are also seen in the area in the summer months, along with sperm whales and the world's largest living mammals, blue whales. One of the most popular activities in the north is whale watching.

Beluga whales are very social animals and congregate in pods of 2-25 whales, with an average pod size of 10 whales. During migrations, several pods may join together, forming groups of 200-10,000 belugas.
From 1/2 day trips to full day expeditions you can enjoy whale watching tours like you've never imagined.

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Northwest Territories natural beauty and abundance are region wide.

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