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British Columbia's finest wildlife viewing and nature tours are waiting...

British Columbia outfitters offer a full program of outdoor adventure, wildlife viewing, photography, art, culture, and eco-tours throughout the province.

The options include fishing, whale-watching, rock-climbing, wildlife viewing, and high quality hiking and mountain-biking trails, or just spending quiet nights around the campfire.

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Take a journey through ancient forest that are abundant with flora, fauna, and wildlife. Wild places of unusual beauty and rich history that even the locals would find largely inaccessible.
Explore back country trails, unspoiled wilderness, pristine lakes, and wide open spaces during your outdoor adventures vacation in B.C.

You can learn more about our nature, ecotours and wildlife viewing by selecting an adventure activity from the menu.
Wildland Parks encompass large areas of natural landscape that cater to ecotourism and adventure travel. From excursion cruises to a backyard porches or man-made viewing platform, you can view the many species of animals and birds, that inhabit British Columbia. In the late summer and fall, salmon surge through the river systems as they head for their traditional spawning grounds.

British Columbia's natural beauty and abundance is province wide.

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