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Manitoba's finest wildlife viewing and nature photo tours are waiting...

Manitoba's outfitters offer a full program of outdoor adventure, wildlife viewing, photography, art, culture, and eco-tours throughout Manitoba. From day tripping to expedition-style cruising and small-group active holidays you can discover Manitoba like you've never seen it before.

You can observe and photograph hundreds of bird species in Manitoba. Take a journey through a province that is abundant with flora, fauna, and wildlife. Wild places of unusual beauty and rich history.
From day tripping to expedition-style tours you can discover Manitoba like you've never seen it before..

You can learn more about Manitoba nature tours by clicking on the individual outfitter "name links" below for details and rates information.

The location of each outfitter is shown for your convenience.

West Hawk Lake - Southern Manitoba

Falcon Trails Resort

Nestled in beautiful Whiteshell Provincial Park in West Hawk Lake, Tallpine Lodges offers private accommodations for Couples only – as industry pioneers, we provide a unique opportunity to spend peaceful quality time together that Tallpine Couples have enjoyed & relied upon throughout the years. Surrounded by a forest of evergreens & numerous picturesque lakes, the feeling of tranquility is evident from the moment you arrive.

Our individual lodges accommodate a maximum of two people, whether you are a couple planning a romantic honeymoon/anniversary, an energetic duo who loves the outdoors, or simply a couple searching for a relaxing, peaceful getaway, make no mistake, Tallpine Lodges is the place to be year round. With a wide-range of activities on our doorstep, the experiences available are as unique and adventurous as you are. Relax, recharge and rediscover!

Falcon Lake - Southern Manitoba

Falcon Trails ResortLocated on the remote south-east shore of Falcon Lake's pure, open waters; poised under endless dark night skies framed by the majestic Boreal Forest, Falcon Trails Resort is more than just a refuge from the increasing demands of our modern world - it is a place where Earth's natural rhythms gently re-awaken one's sense of connection between self and the cosmos.

Feel alive, connected and whole as you witness the miracle of nature’s daily wonders. A serene and humbling experience that calms the mind, nourishes the soul and opens the door to possibility.

Northern Manitoba

Join us for one of the world's wonderful natural phenomena, as the annual Polar Bear "migration" occurs along the Cape Churchill coast. Explore the arctic tundra along the Hudson Bay coast and venture into the vast Boreal forest of the Canadian Shield. Caribou, Arctic Fox, Red Fox, Arctic Hare, and Lemmings, are other wildlife we often encounter, as well as Snowy Owl, Gyrfalcon, Ptarmigan, and other arctic birds.

White Whale Lodge enables a superb opportunity to view Polar Bears, other wildlife, the spectacular Northern Lights and sunrises/sunsets. We offer great food and fellowship throughout this special safari. Tours are led by professional naturalists.

Northern Manitoba

Bakers Narrows Lodge offers a wealth of historical and ecological adventure packages. It is here in the North Country that a powerful combination of rugged land and legendary waters, complimented by the exquisite skyline, strongly lit at night by our Northern Lights, invites you to explore and take home the complete adventure of a lifetime ...

- a three-day package to accommodate those wanting to see of the Aurora Borealis and to learn about some of the history and traditions of Canada’s North. Our area typically sees the Aurora Borealis 185 out of 365 days. They are particularly spectacular in fall and winter.

NATIVE TRADITIONS TOURS - A three-day getaway to discover some native traditions passed on by mouth from generation to generation. This weekend will be a time of discovery, a time of learning and will give you a greater appreciation of the culture of our First Nations people.

EXPERIENCE THE NORTH - 7 day Summer and Winter Tours

Inglis - Manitoba Parkland

Parkland Ranch - something for everyone! Welcome to the Wild Heart of Canada Welcome to Parkland Ranch! Parkland Ranch is a professional horse training ranch for natural and gentle training and as well a guest ranch that offers trail rides, riding excursions, cattle drives, quading, fishing, canoeing and fishing trips to Northern Manitoba. We invite you to learn about horses, experience adventurous excursions in the wilderness of Manitoba on horseback, in a canoe or on a quad. Horseback Riding Enjoy a 2 hour trail ride or stay with us for a week riding holiday. With 33 horses we have a wide range to accommodate everyones skill level. All our riding horses are very reliable on trails and are used to the wilderness of our country. As well, there is an opportunity to work with the cattle and experience the pure romance of being a cowboy! Ranch Holidays Stay with us on the ranch and participate in round-ups, cattle drives and real cowboy work. To show you the beauty of our country we will as well take you on trail rides to the most special places in the area. Adventure Holidays Quading - Fishing - Canoeing - Horseback Riding During your stay with us we will go for exciting quad rides in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park, enjoy nature and wildlife in a canoe on Squance Lake, go for trail rides or have a relaxing day of fishing on the lake. You will be accompanied by our experienced hunting and fishing guide Ralph Lloyd. Fishing Trips to Northern Manitoba If you want to experience fishing at its best, you should join us on one of our special fishing trips to Cedar Lake in Northern Manitoba where you will catch spectacular northern pike, an abundance of tasty walleye and beautiful deep water lake trout. The entire trip is guided by professional guides. Meals and accommodation in a modern cabin are provided. Gentle and Natural Horse Training At Parkland Ranch we train according to the language of horses and approach them with understanding and a positive, faithful dominance. In our courses for natural horsemanship and horse psychology you will learn the horses language and be able to communicate with him. Experience memorable encounters with horses and capture breathtaking moments that you will never forget. Leading Trainer, Judith Lloyd, combines her years of experience with skills she has been taught by the great horsemen of Germany, France, and the US. Her most important experience has been her work with Mustangs at Monty Robert’s “Flag Is Up Farms” in California.

Explore back country trails, unspoiled wilderness, pristine lakes, and wide open spaces during your outdoor photo tour vacation in Manitoba. You will discover wildlife viewing and a photo opportunity around every bend.

Manitoba's natural beauty and abundance of wildlife are province wide.

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