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The canoeing and kayaking outfitters of Northwest Territories take you on memorable trips through the wilderness...

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Follow in the footsteps of the original Voyageur who ventured by birch-bark canoe and rugged back-breaking portages across Canada's vast northland. Learn the basics and essentials of canoe or kayak paddling as well as wilderness camping techniques while traveling through Northwest Territories.

Experienced guides, expedition quality equipment and delicious menus ensure that your expedition is outstanding.

From day tripping to expeditions you can discover Northwest Territories like you've never seen it before..

You can learn more about canoeing and kayaking by clicking on the individual outfitter "name links" below for details and rates information.

The location of each outfitter is shown for your convenience.

Mathews Lake - NWT

Treeline Lodge is located about 250 km northeast of Yellowknife, about a 1.3 hr. flight by Beaver floatplane, or 1 hr. in a Twin Otter. It is in the Northwest Territories, the Central Barrenlands, in the transition zone between taiga and tundra.
Treeline Lodge has been adapted into a full-service lodge, overlooking Matthews Lake. Guest quarters are buildings with central heating and nice twin-bedded rooms along a central corridor. - American Plan Dining

Canoeing: We can provide canoes and accessories and transport to an area of your choice for independent canoeing in the area. You can choose lake or river canoeing, and can choose the length of trip that suits you.

Camp Name
Northwest Territories

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Travel in safety and comfort with a NWT outfitter as you explore Canada's great outdoors by canoe or sea-kayak.

Northwest Territories adventure guide offers
region wide adventures.

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