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Hunting at a lodge or resort in the Northwest Territories offers sportsmen the most thrilling big game hunts in North America. The Caribou begins its migration in early August from the calving grounds on the Arctic Coast on the way southward. Guides throughout the area will provide you with the best opportunity to take a trophy caribou. Hunt with trusted lodge and resort outfitters in the mountains, on the barrenlands or on the Arctic islands. You're sure to have a unique experience.

Come to the Northwest Territories in the fall for some spectacular wing shooting. The North Arm of Great Slave Lake is a traditional fall staging area for thousands of waterfowl from all four continental flyways. This is hard core duck hunting.
From day hunts to week long hunting trips you can discover Northwest Territories like you've never seen it before..

You can learn more about NWT hunting outfitters by clicking on the lodge "name links" below for details and rates info.

The location of each outfitter is shown for your convenience.

Northwest Territories

Adventure Northwest is excited to offer a full complement of hunting packages in the N.W.T. and Nunavut.. Our partnerships with the Aboriginal and Inuit people of the north will put you in the care of several generations of people who have the experience of living off the land.

We invite you to take advantage of their expertise while you hunt for a variety of northern animals, including caribou, muskox, wolf, grizzly and polar bear. Combination and customized packages are available.

Northwest Territories lodge and resort guide offers region wide hunting and adventure vacations.

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