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Health spas and wellness vacation retreats in the NWT outdoors.

Northwest Territories is a beautiful province with everything you need to make health and fitness the number one item on your getaway plan. Health is important to Canadians. Interaction with nature, good diet, exercise and fresh air is encouraged. As a result there are many wilderness retreats that have introduced "wellness centres".

Climb a mountain, paddle a wilderness route, let your muscles go with a full body massage or rejuvenate your skin with mud from around the world. Swim in a mountain lake, stretch out in a natural hot spring, or take the waters in a luxurious city spa. Revitalize yourself with various massage treatments, shiatsu, acupressure, yoga, counselling, nutrition advice and fitness trainers.

From spas to retreats you can discover Northwest Territories like you've never seen it before..

You can learn more about NWT spas and resorts by clicking on the individual outfitter "name links" below for details and rates information.

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Rae Edso - Yellowknife

Nurture yourself on the northwest shore of Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada. Slide back in time to the formation of earth herself, and enjoy the healing comfort of our wilderness spa. Sah Naji Kwe offers the ultimate wilderness spa experience. Clay is Mother Earth's own skin; strong, supple and enduring. This natural deposit of marine glacial clay in its pristine granite setting retains a nurturing, therapeutic power to rejuvenate your body and revitalize your soul.

Accommodations are heated, fully-equipped tent-frame cabins. Meeting facilities for up to 25 persons, women's programs, traditional knowledge programs, International visitors are welcome.
On the menu at Sah Naji Kwe * Wholesome, nutritious and low fat North American style meals, including steamed whitefish or lake trout, homemade cranberry bannock, plentiful salads, , buffalo, moose, caribou, traditional drymeat and dryfish, when available.

There is daily jet service from southern Canada to Yellowknife, 80 km east. Or drive from Alberta or British Columbia on the NWT's Mackenzie Highway system.

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