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Nunavut is a veritable birdwatchers' paradise. Phlaropes, peregrine falcons, gyrfalcons, snowy owls, ivory gulls, sandhill cranes, Arctic loons, jaegers, golden eagles, and terns are only a few of the species that make Nunavut their summer home. Mid-May to August is an excellent birding period, when migrant species return to nest on the Nunavut spring landscape.

General wildlife tours offer wonderful birding experiences. Down the Thelon River, the Thelon Wildlife Sancturary is a wilderness trek where tree-nesting gyrfalcons, short-eared owls, snowy owls, rough legged hawks, golden eagles and many other species make their summer home there.
From day tripping to expeditions and small-group active holidays you can discover Nunavut like you've never seen it before..

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Bathurst Inlet - Nunavut

A visit to Bathurst Inlet Lodge offers extraordinary experiences in a wild and ruggedly beautiful land, yet provides a level of personal comfort rarely found in such remote areas.
You'll be lodged in a historic Hudson's Bay Trading Post and Oblate mission which have been transformed into a haven for naturalists. Each room is carefully outfitted for comfort, decorated with photos or northern art. - American Plan Dining

In summer we travel on the Inlet in a stable and comfortable 40 ft. pontoon boat, which permits wildlife observation and on-the-spot lectures. We dock and hike on the land, exploring, birdwatching, or watching for wildlife. We visit islands of ancient algal limestone, crowded with arctic poppies, cinquefoils and saxifrages, where glaucous, herring, and Thayer's gulls nest in safety from hunting foxes. Peregrine falcons and rough-legged hawks nest on glacier-carved cliffs, and golden eagles soar in lazy spirals against the dark summits. The pace is casual; provisions are made for guests to hike as much (or as little) as they like.

Gjoa Haven - Nunavut

Tour The Arctic: A visit to Arctic Canada is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Travel on the treeless tundra by ATV, look for ringed seals or fish for arctic char in the Arctic Ocean. Photograph muskox, arctic fox, arctic tern, plover, snow geese, a variety of shorebirds and dozens of other arctic wildlife species in their native habitat. From May-August experience the 24-hr sun and endless day.

Camping/Birding Tour. (June 1 - Sept 30) -
Camping / bird watching This package would involve travel outside the community and camping at Koka River to experience the arctic tundra, the summer solstice, life in a traditional style and taking photos of available wildlife and shorebirds.

Our community of Gjoa Haven, is located 800 km above the treeline. It is fly-in only via Edmonton and Yellowknife.

Nunavut's natural beauty and abundance are region wide.

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