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Fishing in Nunavut is spectacular with countless options to choose from. The crystal clear waters boast a variety of species to test your skills.
From huge lake trout lurking in the deep, cold lakes of the Kivalliq Region and the Arctic coast, to battling arctic char cruising the pools and estuaries of arctic rivers,
Nunavut is home to some of the world's best fishing.

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Community outfitters and guides will be well versed in the best local char fishing spots.
Wilderness lodges, outfitters, and flyin resorts will make your fishing vacation memorable.

The countless lakes and waterways throughout Nunavut make it one of Canada's most popular fishing destination. A fishing trip in Nunavut is really out of this world.

Nunavut offers a wonderful variety of big game hunting opportunities, including polar bear, muskox, barren ground grizzly bear, wolf, barren ground caribou and the Arctic Island caribou.

Nunavut outfitters offer hunt camps with experienced guides and supplies for both archery hunters and rifle hunters.

You can learn more about Nunavut fishing and hunting adventures and outfitters by selecting an adventure activity from the menu.

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