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Nunavut's finest wildlife viewing and nature photo tours are waiting...

Nunavut's outfitters offer a full program of outdoor adventure, wildlife viewing, photography, art, culture, and eco-tours throughout Nunavut. From day tripping to expedition-style cruising and small-group active holidays you can discover Nunavut like you've never seen it before.

You can observe and photograph hundreds of bird species in Nunavut. Take a journey through a province that is abundant with flora, fauna, and wildlife. Wild places of unusual beauty and rich history.

You can learn more about our nature, photo tours and wildlife viewing by selecting a Canadian province or territory below.
From day tripping to expedition-style trips you can discover Nunavut like you've never seen it before..

You can learn more about Nunavut nature tours by clicking on the individual outfitter "name links" below for details and rates information.

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Bathurst Inlet - Nunavut

The Naturalist's Arctic Centre - A visit to Bathurst Inlet Lodge offers extraordinary experiences in a wild and ruggedly beautiful land, yet provides a level of personal comfort rarely found in such remote areas.
You'll be lodged in a historic Hudson's Bay Trading Post and Oblate mission which have been transformed into a haven for naturalists. Each room is carefully outfitted for comfort, decorated with photos or northern art. - American Plan Dining

Our season is short, but there is something for everyone in each week.
Any of the weeks are excellent for flowers, louseworts, bearberry, and great shows of heather, rhododendron, and mountain avens. Raptors, gulls, and loons nest throughout our season. Early in the summer, we can visit the sea ice, and later can range more freely on the Inlet, visiting ancient campsites and following the path of the Franklin expedition. During most of the year, Bathurst Inlet residents live in the old ways, hunting caribou, musk oxen and seal, fishing, trapping, and travelling on the land and sea. A unique aspect of a visit to the Lodge is the opportunity to get to know the gentle people who make this harsh land their home.

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You will discover wildlife viewing and a photo opportunity around every bend.

Nunavut's natural beauty and abundance of wildlife are region wide.

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