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Nunavut's finest wildlife viewing and nature tours are waiting...

Nunavut outfitters offer a full program of outdoor adventure, wildlife viewing, photography, art, culture, and eco-tours throughout the province. Canada's Arctic is one of the last great eco-tourism and adventure travel destinations. Discover the Inuit who for countless years have called Nunavut home.

Explore Nunavut's diverse and unique wildlife
including whales, seals, and walrus in the frigid seas, and giant polar bears and large herds of caribou and muskoxen on the land.

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Captivating, ancient and diverse, Nunavut's vast arctic tundra is home to an extraordinary people and variety of wildlife. The Inuit have a connection to the land and its rich history is woven into a culture steeped in tradition and folklore. Nunavut is a world where the darkness of winter is tempered only by silver threads of moonlight and the vibrant glow of the Northern Lights. Polar bears roam the ice floes stalking prey, and muskoxen thunder across the tundra, whales play and narwhals joust in ice-blue waters and Atlantic walruses can be seen basking on the rocky Arctic shoreline.

Nunavut is a veritable birdwatchers' paradise. Phlaropes, peregrine falcons, gyrfalcons, snowy owls, ivory gulls, sandhill cranes, Arctic loons, jaegers, golden eagles, and terns are only a few of the species that make Nunavut their summer home. Mid-May to August is an excellent birding period, when migrant species return to nest on the Nunavut spring landscape. General wildlife tours offer wonderful birding experiences. Down the Thelon River, the Thelon Wildlife Sancturary is a wilderness trek where tree-nesting gyrfalcons, short-eared owls, snowy owls, rough legged hawks, golden eagles and many other species make their summer home there.

A traveller visiting in Nunavut will receive the warm welcome that has always been a part of the Inuit tradition.

Nunavut's natural beauty and wildlife abundance is region wide.

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