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Saskatchewan's finest wildlife viewing and nature tours are waiting...

Saskatchewan outfitters offer a full program of outdoor adventure, wildlife viewing, photography, art, culture, and eco-tours throughout the province. From day tripping to expedition-style nature tours and small-group active holidays you can discover Saskatchewan like you've never seen it before.

The haunting howl of a wolf on a quiet northern night, antelope bounding across the southern grasslands, sage grouse strutting their stuff in an elaborate mating ritual, the awesome spectacle of hundreds of thousands of waterfowl darkening the sky during fall migration.

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Northern forests cloak crystalline lakes, river rapids, canyons and waterfalls. Explore a rich and fascinating history, from dinosaur digs to ancient Aboriginal artifacts. All this and more is easily accessible on Saskatchewan eco-tourism holidays. You can learn more about our nature, ecotours and wildlife viewing by selecting an adventure activity from the menu.
Saskatchewan's natural beauty and wildlife abundance is province wide.

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